Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Eliminating paper could save £70 billion, according to the Government.

Eliminate paper and reduce costs
The ‘Smaller, better, faster, stronger’ report shows ‘that the government could save as much as £70 billion by 2020 if it adopted plans to eliminate paper and digitise its activities, work smarter with fewer staff in Whitehall, shop around for the best procurement deals, and accelerate the use of data and analytics.’

The report reveals how the government is wasting billions of pounds by relying on paper based public services. Examples of wastage include:

·      The Crown Prosecution Service prints one million sheets of paper each day

·     Two articulated trucks loaded with letters and paperwork arrive at the Driving and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) every day

·     In order to complete a passport application form online, the Passport Office prints the form out and posts it to the applicant to sign and send back.  

So, the public sector is striving to improve its digital services, in order to reduce costs and make efficiency gains. Find out how your business can do the same in areas such as Accounts Receivable; Accounts Payable; Sales Order Processing – try the Esker savings calculator now!


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