Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Cloud is Key to Managing Growth for a Successful 2014

Following a very successful 2013, what does Esker predict for document process automation during 2014?

Esker has enjoyed continued growth during 2013, despite the recent global recession, and predicts further growth during 2014. With the recession now officially deemed to be over, and as the British economy is in recovery mode, this in itself presents further opportunities for cloud computing companies. Here, Esker shares its predictions of why 2014 will be another successful year for the document process specialist.

Growth in demand need not mean growth in costs
For many businesses the recession necessitated relentless cost cutting drives, in order to just survive. Now the economic outlook has improved, companies may struggle to sufficiently increase resource and capacity in order to meet a growth in demand.

Esker predicts that more businesses will choose to adopt cloud technology, in order to deliver value to their business through cost control.  By using effective software solutions to automate business processes it’s possible to meet resource and capacity challenges, without incurring the extra cost of increased headcount – which is the traditional method to deal with capacity increase. By automating paper-based documents, businesses can reap tangible benefits from improved efficiencies – and have a direct, positive, and immediate impact on profitability.

Survival of the fittest in a crowded marketplace
In some sectors the recession has had the effect of ‘weeding’ out unfit businesses, and these businesses have either struggled to survive, or have ceased trading. In addition to stringent cost control, many companies have reviewed their customer service levels, as a strategy to offer the best customer experience and thereby become the supplier of choice.

Alistair Nicholas, MD of Esker Northern Europe, confirms: “Esker expects this trend to continue, with companies increasingly choosing to adopt cloud technology and software solutions in order to enhance their financial efficiency and optimise the customer experience they offer – ensuring they stay ahead of the game and stand out in the marketplace.”

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